New Products and Storage Accessories

What makes a design perfect? It probably includes one of these new products, expansions and updates.

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New Sizes

Now, you can spec Base Double Door Double Drawer Cabinets with BUTT doors in widths of 30", 33" and 36". Also available with Deluxe Roll-Out Trays.

All versions of our FMCC units will include a 31.5"- and 33"-wide option to accommodate larger microwaves that are growing in popularity.

Wall Microwave Box (WMB), Wall Microwave Cabinet (WMC), Wall Microwave Cabinet – Extended Opening (WMCE) and Wall Microwave Shelf Cabinet (WMSC) are now available in 33" widths to accommodate larger microwaves.

With the introduction of a WBC3936, you now have a larger, 39"-wide option – a choice that was not available for a 36"-tall wall blind corner cabinet prior to today.

Until now, Wood Tiered Drawer Storage (WTCD) maxed out at 30". Three new sizes let you put this popular storage accessory in more cabinets, including B33BUTT.2D, B39.2D and B45 cabinets.

Chrome Swing-Out (CSW) is among our most popular offerings in Blind Base Corner units. This new 45"-wide option offers more opportunities to include one in your next design.

Floating Shelves (FLS) are a trendy feature in designs ranging from rustic to contemporary. By request, we're introducing several new sizes so you can find the perfect fit in more applications than ever. New width options include 18", 21", 27", 33", 39", 45", 54", 66" and 72".

Give clients the drawer storage they want in their bath with a wall hung vanity that’s an ideal fit for their space. We’ve added a more compact, 36"-wide single bowl and a luxurious 60"-wide double bowl Wall Hung Vanity Combination Drawer option. Or, create a custom design by pairing any vanity with new wall hung drawer stack units in 12", 15" and 18" wide.

You're no longer limited to a 36"-wide Vanity Sink Base Two Drawer. This new 39"-wide option offers some valuable countertop and storage space in a room where every bit of functionality counts.