New Products and Storage Accessories

What makes a design perfect? It probably includes one of these new products, expansions and updates.

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New Modification

We've added a wide top rail to Integrated Base Ends and Operational Base Ends that allows space for field installation of an electrical outlet on island applications. A simple way to design islands to meet electrical code -not to mention the demands of today's busy kitchen.

For an easy solution when you need to disguise plumbing, ductwork or structural elements, you can order one or both sides to extend beyond the back of the case. These preinstalled modifications are available in 1/16" increments up to 12" of increased depth and 28" total maximum depth.

The Change Top Rail (CTR) modification option that’s been available on wall cabinets is now available on full-height base cabinets. A great way to achieve additional clearance between doors and countertops.

To help you achieve the contemporary look your client wants in space-starved powder rooms and tighter full baths, our Reduced Depth (RD) modification is now offered on Wall Hung Vanities.